Asbestos Testing

If you suspect you may have asbestos containing material (ACM) at your property, the first step will be to have it tested to see whether or not it contains asbestos (Commercial or non-domestic premises are legally required to have an asbestos register. This will usually involve an Asbestos Management Survey being undertaken, which includes sampling of suspected ACMs).  

All of our staff are highly skilled and trained in asbestos sampling techniques, holding the BOHS P402 qualification as a minimum standard. 

When asbestos testing is requested, we will attend your property and carefully collect a sample of the material suspected of containing asbestos with minimal disturbance.  We will also carry out an assessment of the condition of the material so we can help you make the right choices about the course of action to be taken if the sampled material does contain asbestos. Samples are taken to our approved UKAS accredited laboratory and results are usually available within 48hrs, although this can be expedited if the results are urgent.